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Adam GordonPrivate ESL Lessons

Adam Gordon offers personalized attention to individuals, families, students and businesspeople wishing to gain proficiency in English speaking, reading and social skills.

Additionally, these special programs are available:

Families- Learning occurs more quickly when the whole family is involved. This program specializes in multi-generational instruction in English speaking, reading and writing.

Mr. Gordon can especially assist students who are finding challenges in their current coursework.

Social Groups-
Sometimes group learning can be the best solution. This program emphasizes English speaking and social skills at a discounted rate for various sponsored groups.

Sales or Trade Show Teams-
Special teams brought to the United States for sales demonstrations or trade shows often need intense, specialized instruction. This custom program is built around your unique, technical needs.

Corporate Contracts-
If your company or organization regularly cycles key employees to the United States, you'll want standardized instruction in English reading, writing, conversation and business skills.

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